Woven into the DNA of Prairie is the ethos of using only 100% Fairtrade Organic cotton in the production of the entire range.

100% Fairtrade Organic Cotton

Organic farmers work in harmony with their land, from GMO free seed, to harvesting, which means their environment is free from toxic chemicals, has clean water supplies and a low carbon footprint.  Throughout the process the cotton is treated in a manner, which does not compromise the workers’ health and helps to reduce water and electric usage and toxic run-off.

Conventional cotton production uses potentially harmful chemicals – less than 10% of these chemicals actually accomplish their task, while the remaining 90% are absorbed into plants, soil and water and indirectly into humans – damaging the whole environment.

As a business we believe we should be responsible in our production and minimize our impact on the environment. Prairie garments are produced and certified, according to the strictest environmental and ethical standards. The certifications are awarded by independent organisations and guarantee that Prairie garments continually meet these standards.

GOTS from Field to Finish

The Global Organic Textile Standard is the worldwide leading textile standard for the organic status of textiles. From harvesting of the raw materials, through environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing, through to the final labelling, a credible and traceable assurance is provided to the end consumer with the GOTS certification.



Prairie is compliant and certified with ‘Confidence in Textiles’ an OEKO-TEX (needs the R symbol for registered trademark here) Standard 100 product label, which is the most well-known and most wide-spread independent certification worldwide for textiles tested for harmful substances.


Along with GOTS Prairie is happily GMO free. We have concerns with an unproven technology, with existing faults and uncertain long term effects to people and the environment.