The modest T-shirt is the most democratic fashion garment around. Worn by all ages and across the sexes, a great tee certainly makes a fashion statement! However your choice of t-shirt can make a bigger statement, and at the same time demonstrate a choice which makes a real difference to the lives of workers in the developing world.


At Prairie all of our garments are made using only 100% Fairtrade Organic cotton. This is because we want to ensure that from seed to end customer, our business is ethical and fair in the way the workers involved are treated, and that we minimize our overall environmental impact.

 ….but that’s not to say that fashion and style aren’t important – that’s the fun bit! Our Prairie tees, sweats and hoods are all designed with contemporary fashion trends in mind – we want you to love our range of garments for their style, premium quality and great cut, as well as for the choices we make in their manufacture.

This is the DNA of Prairie, a double helix of sustainable, ethical production, intertwined with our take on current styles and trends.