The name prairie

I suppose for many  of us who have reached  a certain age, the first thing the name Prairie conjures up in your mind is Michael Landon and the TV series Little House on The………… yes you guessed it prairie.                               
Based on the children’s book by Laura Ingalls Wilder the TV series was fairly twee and saccharine but it’s underlying themes of frontier life – the necessity of hard work and building a new life/business from scratch and the satisfaction derived from this –  could be applied in some ways to starting our business, Prairie.

The name Prairie came to us when searching for a word that would or could summon up the vista of cotton fields, stretching for miles and miles and also communicated the ethos of our business – using  100% Fairtrade Organic Cotton in our garments. We were looking for a name that communicated a feeling and an idea.

After many weeks spent driving in cars and cooking dinners while shouting out lists of words that popped into our heads, we came up with Prairie –  wide, open, naturally occurring, stretches of land. It was the essence of a Prairie landscape that we wanted to capture; natural, clean, organic – perfect.

Our excellent designer Siobhan kept all of this in mind when designing our logo