Containerised shipping versus Co² emissions

Something we try to keep in mind, as a business at prairie, is our commitment to lowering Co² emissions, so it was interesting to read that containerised shipping has a tiny carbon footprint compared to freight via truck and rail.

As containerised freight accounts for 90% of global trade this is a big deal in terms of global emissions.

Prairie ships most of its garments from India to our logistics centre in Galway, Ireland by container so it’s good to know that per tonne of goods shipped we are producing approximately 3 grams of Co².

For rail it’s 18 grams, truck 47 grams and a whopping 560 grams by air freight.

Containerization greatly reduced the expense of international trade and increased its speed, especially of consumer goods and commodities (like our very own prairie t-shirts, hoodys, sweatshirts and tote bags). It’s good to know that another benefit is that it helps to reduce Co² emissions.